e-NABLE.org is a hub for the global e-NABLE movement

Volunteers using 3D printers to make radically inexpensive prosthetics for under-served populations around the world.
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e-NABLE.org is a multi-lingual, trans-national hub for the movement. It hosts web-pages for e-NABLE’s Strategic Planning Committee, Research Committee, and for the EnableFund mini-grant program.

The Enable Atlas

e-NABLE.org is also a research platform for collecting data and creating technologies to assess, improve, and generalize the e-NABLE movement. We call these TEEEM Technologies: “Tools for Enabling Effective and Enlightened Mobs.”

Brought to you by the Rochester Enable, advancing a global vision of Connected Humanitarianism

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In 2013, Jon Schull founded e-NABLE, established the MAGIC ACT/e-NABLE lab at RIT, and recruited Skip Meetze as full time volunteer extroardinaire. In 2014, Schull co-founded the 501(c)3 Enable Community Foundation (ECF), which subsequently diverged from e-NABLE’s more communitarian non-centralized style. In  2016 , Schull resigned from ECF and retired from  RIT. He and  and Meetze immediately founded the  Rochester Enable Lab at Vertus High School (and Re-NABLE.org). As we see it, Re-NABLE.org and e-NABLE.org are part of an emerging “Connected Humanitarians” movement: volunteers using open source methodologies and emerging technologies to develop solutions for under-served populations worldwide. We are developing Re-NABLE.org,  e-NABLE.org and ConnectedHumanitarians.org  to illuminate that path, and to help lead the way. For more history, see “e-NABLE at 4 and 10,000:  Now what do we do?” (August 1, 2017). Join us!


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Those looking to make or receive prosthetics may visit www.enablewebcentral.com to find a match.

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