Founded January 2017, the e-NABLE Korea chapter is one of e-NABLE’s youngest chapters. But there is another way e-NABLE Korea embodies youth: Korean e-NABLE volunteers running the organization are entirely ages 15-22. Over the past year, five local Korean high schools and Seoul National University joined to form the official Korean e-NABLE branch — run almost entirely by children. “We are utilizing 3D printing to help others, and then strive to eliminate poverty and volunteer to donate our talents,” says Chae Hyun Soo, a Hanam High School volunteer.

Though young, the Korea chapter is mighty. They print and assemble designs provided by e-NABLE, but they also create and release their own files for differently designed prosthetics.


Korean Youth Clubs Fair Winners

On January 13, the young team participated in the Korean Youth Clubs Fair on the Incheon Global Campus in South Korea. The team set up a booth to display one year of progress 3D printing prosthetics for children in need.

Korea Youth Club Fair is Korea’s largest civilian-led teenage fair, with about 1,000 participants from 80 teams across the country. The fair features organizations with an initiative to address human rights, poverty, history, diplomacy, environment, animal rights, and engineering. These youth are brought together by a love of creativity to solve human rights problems with mechanical innovation and collaboration.

The e-NABLE Korea display at the fair was a collaboration with the Korea Youth 3D Printing Association. Over the course of the six hours conference, the team created and introduced the Phoenix, Raptor, and Thalon limbs with 3D Printing. This provided a real-time example of how 3D printing can create practical change for those in need. The promotional campaign led to awards in “Best Club” in every field of adjudication for e-NABLE Korea.

These teennagers and young adults have been recognized as Korea’s leaders in digital humanitarianism. Here at e-NABLE, we look forward to seeing how these children can change the world with our support.


Data provided / e-NABLE Korea: Hanam High School Chae Hyun Soo

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