The Alliance for Project Based Learning Solutions (APBLS EIN: 82-1886239), also known as the ENABLE Alliance, is a fiscal sponsor for the e-NABLE community. This Baltimore-based nonprofit began by hosting the 2017 e-NABLE Conference, EnableCon 2017, and responded to requests for help with travel, food, lodging, filament, sposter printing, free 3D printing, videography, and web hosting. It hosted training and assembly events and has now secured hardware and software licenses for the community, including the enterprise manufacturing software implemented in the e-NABLE Living Classroom.

Financial Sponsorship Projects

There are two fiscal sponsorship projects that currently allow individuals and groups to partner with the ENABLE Alliance. The Living Classroom is a foundation for collecting materials for the community, including a donation of filament from Natureworks and 3D Fuel. This will allow the community to track the receipt of pledged material, its distribution, and its impact. The Living Classroom can receive and verify the assembly of devices and then distribute them to their intended recipient. Distribution through the Living Classroom allows the community to leverage discounted shipping relationships with vendors. For example, using the APBLS/Enable Alliance account at DHL will discount shipping as much as 47% and will allow groups to send materials to NGOs serving in nations embargoed by US sanctions.

Another source of funding is the website. The website can receive donations to provide funding for a project. People may manage and update their appeal directly from a webpage at the site with administrative access to their page, financial reporting about their appeal, and auto-generated correspondence.

Two mechanisms Scheduled for Rollout in 2018

1. APBLS/ENABLE Allliance Volunteers are working on the launch of mentored philanthropic investment clubs. These groups can explore projects in the community, and donate or invest seed money to be paid back. Volunteers’ recognition of projects can help the community define best practices and model programs which could be highlighted in community news, or attract more support from sponsors inside or outside the community. 

2. Working with the Humanitarian Passport/ Good Humanitarian Donorship Initiative and cash transfer programming and blockchain, APBLS/ENABLE Alliance will continue to work with individual organizations and key groups on humanitarian cash transfers and smart contracts to distribute support to active members of projects. The first implementation of these strategies will take place in 2018.

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