The e-NABLE Colombia branch, Give Me Five, is built on the philosophy of freedom: they want everyone to have the freedom to access prosthetics, regardless of their resources. Their chapter is a leader among e-NABLE chapters, with a model based on personalization, rehabilitation, growth, and training.

  1. Personalization. Give Me Five uses personalization, not only by fitting the prosthetic to the individual, but by incorporating the children’s favorite characters and superheroes in the design. This helps children feel like their arm is a part of themselves.
  2. Rehabilitation. Volunteers have developed a protocol for rehabilitation and follow-up procedures accessible to families.
  3. Growth. Each child is sponsored by companies and generous donors to ensure continued care as the child grows.
  4. Training. Give Me Five is the parent of a new nonprofit called Fabrilab, which raises donations and provides educational services and training in technology and 3D development. They hope that this education will allow children to eventually create their own 3D printed solutions.

Give Me Five Innovations

Give Me Five has unique, light, and functional designs for children. They are on the forefront of innovation, even using recycled materials used in their prosthetics. Currently, e-NABLE focuses on upper-limb prostheses, but Give Me Five has addressed under-served needs in the e-NABLE community by developing and sharing lower-limb prostheses. Currently, they are testing it on two children in Colombia.

Recently, Give Me Five has developed a new 3D printed promimetic myoelectric arm. Myoelectric arms are the next innovative step in 3D printed prosthetics that can bring a new level of functioning to differently-abled users. Give Me Five has shared other prosthetic models and developments on Thingiverse

Between their development of myoelectric solutions, lower limb prostheses, and use of recycled materials, Give Me Five is a leading branch in technological e-NABLE innovation. Even their model for rehabilitation and training is an innovative way to empower differently-abled children to reach for the future. For more, follow their leadership on Facebook.


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