Jacob Boudreau is a world traveler, full-time logistics agent, and founder of one of e-NABLE’s newest chapters, Kindness3D. Between posting memes and pictures from his latest trip to Amsterdam, his social media is filled with inspiring quotes about self-love and links promoting his latest humanitarian project. Kindness3D is less than six months old, and already, it has caught the attention of private sponsors and Canadian media.

Below, Jacob shares what it has been like to jump headfirst into the e-NABLE community.

Can you tell me about your background, educational and otherwise?

“I’ve always had a passion for travel, so upon leaving high school, I decided to study international business. In my professional life, I have mostly worked for various logistics firms on the east coast of Canada. It was through working in Import and Export I was introduced to a company here in Halifax that imported 3D printers back in 2012. After seeing the potential that these devices had, I followed the trends and 3D printing over the years until they became affordable enough for me to get involved.”

How did you get involved with 3D printing prosthetics?

“I found out about e-NABLE through a TED Talk I watched at work in November, and I knew I needed to get involved. I started a GoFundMe campaign, as I didn’t have much extra money to put towards a project such as this. Through this organization, I’ve met many wonderful volunteers who have helped assist me in completing designs and various issues that arise from 3D printing.”

What has been your experience since then?

“It’s been a large learning curve getting up to speed with all the intricacies of 3D printing, but with the help of other e-NABLE volunteers, as well as YouTube, I have learned quite a lot in a short period of time. I created my first prosthetic hand in February, and I haven’t looked back since (Team Unlimbted Phoenix hand). I’m very excited to get started on many other designs available through the e-NABLE network.”

What has been the most meaningful aspect of your involvement?

“The most meaningful aspect of my involvement has certainly been sharing in some of the stories that I have found through the e-NABLE Web Central website. It makes me so grateful that I can help so many people who have lost limbs in workplace accidents or just simply don’t have the funds to be able to help themselves.

“I am nearly finished with my first prosthetic arm that will be going to a recipient, and it is hard to put into words what I’m feeling at this moment.”

What has been your greatest challenge?

“Certainly getting up to speed with 3D printing as well as challenges with building prosthetic designs. With the Kwawu arm I am building for a woman in Brazil, it has been undergoing constant modifications. Thankfully, I have finally found solutions that work, and I am prepared to ship my first device.”

What are your plans for the future?

“My plans for the future are to grow my e-NABLE chapter Kindness3D to where we can help recipients out locally. I’m hopeful that I will get some more volunteers interested and I will have opportunities to visit universities in Nova Scotia and share some of my experiences through e-NABLE. I also wish to eventually take open-source designs through e-NABLE and work alongside engineering students here in the province to make the designs even more functional.”

Is there anything else about you that readers should know?

“In my professional life, I am a hard-working Logistics agent with a strong background in international trade. In my personal life, I am a 3D printing enthusiast that is trying to help change the world. I absolutely love e-NABLE, and I am here to accept any challenge that comes my way.”


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