Support for projects is, in fact, available. Thanks to a generous and unexpected gift from, as well as donations from Rochester Enable Limited and a few generous individuals, there is now an Enable Fund with over $20,000 in funding available above and beyond the $12,500 that has been earmarked for

And who decide where that money goes? You do! I think our process for approving and funding projects is a great example of e-NABLE’s distributed governance model. Loomio is a collective decision-making platform developed originally developed by a software development team to allow bossless movements, like the Occupy movement, to govern themselves. Enablio is a Loomio forum where e-NABLE members propose, develop, review, critique, and vote proposals up or vote down. The process seems to be working. Around a dozen proposals have been put up for votes and about a third of them have been approved. This newsletter is one of the projects we have funded, based on Editor Sarah Paynter’s 1-page proposal and 25 votes. As explained on Enablio, the current threshold for passage is “at least 15 votes with at least 80% of the votes in support of the project. This number of required votes may increase in the future, as participation in this process grows stronger.” And how will such changes be instituted? Using Enablio. Check it out! To propose or vote, you need to join Loomio and the Enablio forum. All e-NABLErs are welcome.

Once a project has been funded, there is a transparent funding mechanism in place on the Open Collective Platform, which is a spinoff from the same group that developed Loomio. The Enable Fund resides at http:// At the top of that page is displayed the estimated annual budget based on last year’s expenditures. Near the bottom of that page is the total amount available [the Google money hasn’t been registered yet, so it currently says $111].  Below that is an enumeration of every donation and expense processed through the Fund, as well as (a) a form for submitting invoices or receipts for reimbursement of approved projects and (b) a form for making additional donations. Feel free!

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