Daniel is a serious kid. Unlike most five-year-olds, he is shy, rarely smiles, and lacks a hand on his left arm. But in many ways, Daniel is just a regular kid. For instance, Daniel has a favorite cartoon character: Lightning McQueen, from the Pixar movie Cars. From the moment he met Daniel, e-NABLE volunteer Wilmer Garcia was determined to bring Daniel a hand and a smile.

“I got to work designing a special prosthetic for Daniel, as I do with each one of the kids that come to our place,” Wilmer said. He spent sleepless nights customizing the prosthetic to look like Lightning McQueen, adding additional parts, images, and red and gold paint. “As I knew he was a big fan of Lightning McQueen, I used that to make Daniel happy every time he use his new arm.”

When his prosthetic device was ready, “Daniel took it in his hands, and he got really happy and his mom too as soon as we could put it on,” Wilmer remembers. Daniel started smiling, showing his prosthetic to the children and everyone in the school. He was transformed. “In this moment we didn’t see a shy kid, we saw a smiling and happy kid,” says Wilmer.

e-NABLE Colombia is known for its unique designs with superheroes and cartoon characters. By making the device more fun and customized to the child’s personality, they aim to get children to celebrate the physical and personality traits that make them unique.

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