Programs leaders at hospitals, schools, camps, and with some youth organizations require youth and adult leaders to have training to work with vulnerable populations and a current background check. Not all members of the community will seek this recognition, and it will not be required of volunteers in the general community. People seeking to participate in certain programs will need to have these credentials as requisite requirements of the project partners or facilities managers.

In 2017, APBLS / e-NABLE Alliance established a relationship with Verified Volunteers to obtain background checks paid for by volunteers needing the credential to work with vulnerable populations or in sensitive areas (camps, hospitals). Verified Volunteers has agreed not to charge to share information about current background verification. Most volunteers will likely save money because they work with youth or in a health care setting already.

The reciprocity agreement will be important as e-NABLE Alliance training and summer camp programs are launched in 2018.


Founder, e-NABLE.

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