My France trip has been packed with encounters: Paris (meeting with Thierry and the Board of Enable France),  Rennes (MyHumanKit, a Fablab devoted to Assistive Technologies developed with disabled parters), Brittany (Fab14), and Toulouse (Fab14).  And full of realizations.

1. We are not alone!

My co-panelists at Fab 14 and Thierry, his wife, and the Board of e-NABLE France. 

More and more maker groups and FabLabs around the world are creating solutions for, and with, the disabled.  e-NABLE is seen as the trendsetter and the largest network of this kind but I am impressed and excited by efforts like those of Hugues Aubin, Nico Huchet, and Delphine Bezier (my hosts at MyHumanKit)  to extend the e-NABLE and FabLab models to many kinds of  tech many kinds of disabled people.

2. Organizations and “non-organizations” all struggle with organization.

Because there’s plenty of theory and strategy for building classical organizations but little for non-organizations, I’m trying to articulate some ideas I’ve been working on. Here are slides I’ve recently added to my ever evolving “stump speech”.

The full presentation ends with this animation from

However,  I’ve learned that that in much of the world, the word “humanitarians” suggests large bureaucratic aid organizations.  

We are part of something else.  It needs a name. What should we call it?

Two Toulousians at the International Fab Fest pondering an e-NABLEism.

Special thanks to Rochester e-NABLE Limited, MyHumanKit, University College London for covering my expenses on this trip.  Gotta go now. I’m visiting in London, whose generous donation to Rochester Enable Limited helped make this trip possible.

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