Administrative Support

In addition to fiscal sponsorship and organizing events, APBLS/ EA has obtained injury and liability insurance for volunteers and $2 million in coverage to work with vulnerable populations (students, young recipients) and secure event venues. Similar volunteer coverage for 2018 activities and EnableCon 2018 will be secured.

Administrative Credentialing and Recognitions

APBLS/Enable Alliance has done extensive relationship building to provide a visual vocabulary and context to digital recognitions in the US and global community. This effort includes the process of adopting learning pathways that coordinate milestones in curriculum and e-NABLE projects to workforce skills and 21st Century Skills. This has positioned the e-NABLE Community to obtain recognition of e-NABLE badges by groups outside of the e-NABLE ecosystem. APBLS / e-NABLE Alliance is working with Save the Children and other NGOs on the Humanitarian Passport. This badge system will assert the identity, credentials, intellectual property, and access to resources. Working group members are engaged in cash transfer programming in humanitarian response within and outside the United Nations system. In concrete terms, now that some Syrian refugees are allowed to earn money, can project-based learning based on making and gifting e-NABLE devices develop a cottage industry of 3D printers who sustain themselves on other projects – such as printing other medical equipment or teaching tools in camps? What evidence should be gathered during e-NABLE projects to give volunteers economic, educational, social and employment opportunities? The workgroups outlining our administrative structure with partners are also considering the following: How should our recognitions be structured and endorsed to protect and sustain volunteers and recipients, particularly those needing additional humanitarian support? How can the community use these pathways to secure a pipeline to extend support?

Learning Pathways and Leader Training

During 2018, progressive workshops will be offered through APBLS/ the e-NABLE Alliance. Learning pathways include structured outreach and onboarding. These workshops will address leadership development, basic fabrication and instruction specific to request intake, customization and fabrication old designs and designs. Program materials will include new materials based on content generated by EnableCon 2017, media events and other programs.

Leader training includes education regarding Open Source, Open Data, citizen science and Creative Commons program resources.

E-NABLE Living Classroom’s Structural Support for the Global Community

A Living Classroom offers students an immersive experience to support learning by doing. The experience should provide job training and a portfolio of evidence that skills were taught and applied locally to real-life needs.

After 3 years of including e-NABLE projects in the Manufacturing Processes elective, Professor Robert Payne partnered with APBLS / the e-NABLE Alliance to launch the SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s e-NABLE Living Classroom.

A class elected general manager oversees students operating a manufacturing facility that supports the e-NABLE Community. Student groups include Communication and Marketing, customer support and request fulfillment, IT, research and development, manufacturing and quality assurance.

The Living Classroom is able to receive and distribute in kind donations. It can receive devices, ensure the consistent quality of the devices received, and gift them to the intended recipients while protecting the source/s of the device. The classroom can collect and share feedback instead of the device designer, and can maintaining the anonymity of the recipients.

The classroom launched the enterprise software capabilities to support chapters and individuals, particularly a help desk that supports tracking the work and inventory of satellite facilities.Inventory will e expanded to include onboarding kits and event kits that can be borrowed by groups and individuals in the community.

In 2018 the living classroom help desk support can be shared with a chapter in Cameroon to provide coverage for more time sones and language support. A key member of eNABLE Cameroon in this rollout attended EnableCon 2017.Another license is already designated for partnership later this year with the Veterans Administration.

The help desk tracking of printer status in the community can secure data needed for testing new devices. It can also collect data from other volunteers and managed as part of an open data project. Information about what is being printed can give insight into who is active in the community and who we are printing for. A subset of the data can be shared when someone seeks endorsements of a printer or materials by the community. It can also make the community informed purchasers when getting new printers. The project has value outside of the e-NABLE community.  with varying resources, interests and experience. Viewers can use the layers to filter the data, so that they can find any volunteer who signed up in an area using the chapters form, or can find chapters with interest or experience in making a device.

Lastly, the Living Classroom maintains a map of the chapters and potential chapters in the global community. This map was created in the Fall of 2017 by e-NABLE Maryland, and is handed off to the Living Classroom when SUNY Poly Courses are in session. The map displayed at EnableCon has over 650 chapters, some of which are defunct or test data.



e-NABLE is a movement, not an organization.  Whereas organizations are organized and coordinated by by rules and policies set by some central authority, movements are held together by shared values, ideas and practices. e-NABLE’s values, and ideas were apparent in the banner on the first, supposedly self-organizing e-NABLE map, and in the practice urged upon its viewers.

Our challenge — and maybe we are rising to meet it — is to develop a voluntary, multi-faceted, multiply-administered, voluntary infrastructure that reinforces and preserves what makes e-NABLE special.  


Founder, e-NABLE.

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