When 5-year-old Cam Haight heard Cam Newton’s name on TV a few years ago, he said, “That’s my name!”


Cam Haight, born with Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS), recently outgrew his e-NABLE arm, and he wanted another Panther’s-themed device. But this time, he wanted to know if his “twin” could have a matching device.

“We’re not twin’s if we don’t have the same hand! Maybe if he had a hand like me, he would know we were twins,” Cam pleaded.

Sarah thought making such a large hand would waste filament, but her co-founder Chris said, “Go ahead and make him one.” So, Sarah decided to turn the project into an awareness campaign. “Its cute he thinks they’re twins, but we want awareness about ABS,” his mom Sarah said.

Sarah thinks that awareness is so important because when she first learned of Cam’s condition, she was scared. “I was scared it would be hard for him to do things, for me to watch him – I was scared of failure for him.” She was also that people would stare at him and that she wouldn’t be able to afford his surgeries.

“The biggest issue is that you feel like you’re alone… You feel so helpless. We don’t want parents to feel that way because they can’t help kids if they feel helpless,” Sarah said.

There are a few things Sarah wants people to know about ABS:

  1. “It’s really important that other mothers understand that ABS is 100% spontaneous, it’s not the parent’s fault, nothing causes it that we can help.”
  2. “I want them to understand that their kids are gonna be amazing. The limb difference makes them who they are. Cam would not be the kid he is today — outgoing and spunky, if it weren’t for that difference, because it has made us work extra hard with him to be okay with his own self-image.”
  3. “ABS isn’t preventable, but if caught on ultrasound, more babies can make it. So, if there’s more awareness and the doctors knew to look for it, a lot of deaths could be prevented with fetal surgery.”

Cam Haight gave Newton a matching hand a few weeks ago as Newton was leaving the field. “That smile on his face said it all,” Cam’s mom recalled. “He was grinning from ear to ear and he did not want to leave. He was a little star struck.”

Sarah says that Newton wore the device all the way off the field and was appreciative of the gesture, despite the sweltering heat that day. “He hasn’t heard the last of us and we hope we haven’t heard the last of him!” Sarah says. “If we could get Cam out there talking about ABS, that would be amazing to have the Panther team’s support.”

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