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The goals of the e-NABLE Educators’ Exchange are:

• Collaborate and share lesson plans and best practices

• Engage  young people in  learning, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, service, change-making, cross-cultural understanding, and technology.

• Make it easy for   informal and formal education organizations to get involved.

• Add schools, colleges, after-school programs, clubs, maker groups, summer programs, Scout troops, etc. to the  e-NABLE Community Chapters  list  so  families and recipients can find classrooms and students to help them!

Lesson Plans

 Elementary /
Middle School
Secondary /
High School
College /
Post Secondary
Chris Craft’s Prosthetic Kids
Hand Challenge

Chris Duckett’s UCA Elementary’s Helping Hand Project and Curriculum

Bobbi Seleski’s Hastings Middle School eNABLE Curriculum

Buck Institute for Education – eNABLE PBL Project Design Overview and Student Learning Guide

Vance Kite’s eNABLE Unit Plan – Includes Daily Learning ObjectivesTeach Engineering
Elizabeth Jackson’s “Vertus” e-NABLE Program (6 week/4 hours per day program building hands and teaching 3D modeling/printing) – High School.
(video)Convent of the Sacred Heart – High School Resources

Video Tutorials by Kids for Kids.

 Intro To 3D Printing – Video Tutorials by Kids – For Kids
Created by students from

 e-NABLE Siena – College Resources

Univ.  of Wisconsin, Milwaukee – College Resources

 Peter Binkley – Syllabus – Wrist Powered Devices