Prosthetics Students’ Consultation – Chang Liu

Welcome to e-NABLE’s prosthetics consultation & resource page!

Supported by the community-supported Enablio/EnableFund
 “Consulting Prosthetics Student Proposal”.

What this consultation service aims to provide:

One-on-one consultations for each volunteer regarding their current cases/designs.

Contact details:

My email address is, I’ll do my best to reply to your queries within 3 days. For urgent queries or reminders, drop me a Whatsapp message anytime @ +447752358981. I’ll be off my phone during weekday clinical hours until the end of December ‘18, but I’ll reply as quickly as possible.


Please note that Chang is not yet a certified Prosthetist, and any advice she provides comes from a non-medically certified person. This is not a replacement of a trained prosthetic service, but is merely guidance for volunteers who wish to deliver prosthetic devices to users but otherwise do not have access to a Prosthetist’s professional input. This ties in with e-NABLE’s vision and safety guidelines, by providing the most suitable prosthesis to each user, and by reducing the chances of causing harm during this process.   

Some information about your consulting Prosthetics student:


Chang Liu is our Re-NABLE summer intern ’18 and current 4th year student of Prosthetics and Orthotics. She is currently funded by the e-NABLE fund to give advice to our volunteers on any prosthetics issues they come across when designing and delivering prostheses to users, write-up guidelines on prostheses provision, and take part in prostheses design processes. Refer to this link for her Loomio Funding Proposal. 


With her training as a prosthetics student, Chang has the clinical and theoretical knowledge to make good judgement calls on: 

  1. The types of sockets that would best suit the user, based on the shape and length of the user’s residual arm, as well as the user’s desired outcomes/ preferences. 
  2. Effective methods of creating well suspended and fitting sockets that are most comfortable and functional for the user.
  3. Red flags that the volunteer should be careful with, based on the clinical picture that the user presents with, especially for complex/uncommon cases.
  4. Current tried-and-tested designs of special prosthetics devices/ methods of adaptations that are already available on the market/clinically, that the volunteer can reverse-engineer and make use of.
  5. Chang would also be helpful in consulting on design processes of new e-NABLE devices, by providing suggestions or flagging problems that shown up clinically, so that the design process can be more efficient and effective.


The following resources will aim to provide some information on the above, and hopefully answer some of your pre-existing queries. Titles and projected completion dates of additional work-in-progress files will be added at a later date. Feel free to email Chang at any time to give suggestions on what topics you’d like to be covered in these resources! 

Completed Documents:

–  Summer ’18 Internship Project Abstract on Innovative methods and materials used to produce trans-radial SSOS prosthetic sockets that can be easily used by under-resourced communities.

– 3D Scanned + Digital Modifications + 3D Printed Trans-radial Self-suspending Socket Resources:

    1.  Instructions Manual
    2.  Anatomy of the Elbow
    3. STL Sample File
    4.  G-Code Sample File
    5. “Bikini” Socket STL Sample File
    6. To be Added: Instructions Guidelines Video
    7. To be Added: Sizeable Flexible Elbow Cap stl files
    8. Measurements sheet (Useful Measurements to take & distribute)

– 3D Scanned + Digital Modifications + 3D Printed Trans-humeral Socket Resources:

    1. Information & Measurements sheet
    2. Measurements sheet (Useful Measurements to take & distribute)

– Upper Limb Anatomy

  1. Anatomy of the Hand
  2. To be Added: Anatomy of the Forearm & Wrist
  3. To be Added: Anatomy of the Elbow
  4. To be Added: Anatomy of the Shoulder

Prosthetics Needs (Overview Map)

Work-in-progress Documents:

  • Casting & Thermoforming Trans-radial Self-suspending Sockets
  • To be Added: Prosthetics Componentry

– Daily Log for the community-supported Enablio/EnableFund