e‑NABLE’s Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)

About the Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee was formed to provide a venue for the discussion of issues affecting the e‑NABLE community as a whole. The goal of the SPC is to provide guidance, tools, and resources to support the global e‑NABLE volunteer community. The SPC also works to address any road-blocks or challenges that stand in the way of e‑NABLE’s mission of providing free assistive devices to people around the world.

The e‑NABLE community does not currently have any formal governance mechanism. There are no decision-makers. The SPC is intended to provide an informal governance framework, making suggestions to the community rather than imposing strict mandates. To ensure transparency, all SPC meetings are recorded, and these recordings are shared with the e‑NABLE community along with notes from each meeting (see Links to SPC Meeting Recordings and Notes below.

SPC Members

Jeremy Simon, SPC Chair

Jeremy has been a part of e‑NABLE for 4 years and helps to support the enablingthefuture.org website. His company, 3D Universe, is a strong supporter of e‑NABLE and is responsible for developing the e‑NABLE Web Central application. He is a mentor to fellow volunteers as well as classrooms around the world who are interested in participating in the e‑NABLE project.


Jon Schull

Jon Schull is the Founder of e‑NABLE.  An educator, social and business entrepreneur, inventor, human-computer interaction researcher, and digital community organizer also co-founded the Enable Community Foundation and the pioneering digital rights company SoftLock.com, aka DigitalGoods.com.

Schull is the author of 19 patents, most of them informed by his theoretical work in complex adaptive systems and his Ph.D. in Biological Psychology from University of Pennsylvania. Schull and his collaborators pioneer solutions for “Connected Humanitarians” and their beneficiary-partners around the world.

Maria Esquela

Maria has been an active e‑NABLE Volunteer and leader since 2014. She created the first “assembly line” model for the e‑NABLE “Hand-a-thon” team building events, brought the e‑NABLE project to scout troops around the world and is the founder of APBLS – Alliance for Project Based Learning Solutions or what we like to call “e‑NABLE Alliance,” a 501c3 non-profit, which focuses on using e‑NABLE in STEM Based service learning projects and creating curriculum for research and testing on e‑NABLE 3D printed devices.


Shashi Jain

Shashi is an Innovation Manager at Intel Corp. He has been part of the e‑NABLE community for four years and helps support the enablingthefuture.org website. Shashi runs the Portland 3D Printing Lab community, which operates yearly Hand-a-thon events and pushes the boundaries of 3D printing. Shashi is passionate about volunteerism and has developed best practices for corporations to collaborate with the e‑NABLE movement.


Eric Bubar

Eric has been an active e‑NABLEr for around 3 years. Over the past three years, he has pivoted his research lab to focus on assisting with the e‑NABLE mission to give the world a helping hand. He has extensively involved a variety of liberal arts students in STEM research projects related to e‑NABLE devices. These projects have ranged from quantifying grip strength of e‑NABLE hands to assessing elementary/middle school student opinions of popular 3D printed hand designs. In addition, he is active in the Google+ e‑NABLE community and has publicized e‑NABLE’s work at a variety of events throughout the Washington DC Metro area.


Jen Mankoff
Andrew Brow

The larger e‑NABLE ecosystem.

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Links to SPC Meeting Recordings and Notes

Governance of the SPC (and how to be a part of it)


  • After creating the e‑NABLE G+ community Jon Schull recruited several community leaders who recruited some more as circumstances seemed to warrant. We are eager to be joined by the next generation of e‑NABLE leaders and we’re trying to formulate a lightweight representative democratic process to better realize the emerging vision of e‑NABLE as “bossless” confederation of Chapters and individuals united by shared values.  To participate in this bootstrapping process, please contact any SPC member.

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